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Hyper Bicycles’ signature Nitro Circus bikes are now ready and available from Amazon.

Inspired by the headline-grabbing feats of global icon Travis Pastrana and the epic world’s firsts of champion BMX riders Ryan “R-Willy” Williams and James Foster, Hyper Bicycles says that these bikes offer premium features usually only seen in pro-grade equipment, yet cost hundreds of dollars less.

Buy a huge range of Hyper Bikes (Hyper Bicycles)

First up is the 20-inch Hyper Nitro Circus BMX bike. Featuring alloy platform BMX pedals to reduce weight and improve durability and micro-drive front and rear sprockets for a smooth ride, this versatile bike is great for young riders of all experience levels. A stem rotor is featured up front for 360-degree handlebar rotation.

Hyper Mountain Bike

Hyper Bikes are designed for people who want an easy ride and don’t like feeling unstable on their bikes.

Some advantages of these new bikes include greater stability, low center-of-gravity, improved rider control, and increased safety.

Have any of you tried them? What were your thoughts on how they felt?

Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mens Mountain
Enter the globe of fat-tire bikes. They have more expansive and bigger tires that will offer fantastic traction. They are similar to the performance of all-mountain bikes, which are also best for technical terrains. While there are many models accessible, one that we can highly advise is the Mongoose. Dolomite Fat Tire mountain...
Huffy Cranbrook 24 Bike
This Cruiser with the Huffy Perfect Fit frame is designed to be the most comfortable bike you ever ride! This 24" cruiser bike specs Huffy exclusive best-fit frame is perfect for recreational or casual riders. This classy Crankbook bicycle is mainly designed to fit your body's natural bike-riding position –...
Hyper Shocker 26 18-Speed Men's Bike
Enjoy a relaxing ride with the Hyper 26 -18-speed men's dual-suspension mountain bike. It specs a robust steel frame, linear solid, and fork pull front and rear brakes, so it is ready to take on any adventure. The Hyper 26" Shocker men complete suspension mountain bike will deliver static ride, off...
Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women's Step Hybrid Cruiser Bicycle & eBike
The Sixthreezero, every journey women's step-through, touring hybrid bicycle has something for every person. This bike will get you there in style and relaxation, whether commuting to work in an eco-friendly style or navigating the boardwalk on a beach holiday. Together, we will explore this bike's fantastic specs and choices, view...
Schwinn Destiny 24-Inch Cruiser Bicycle Review
A quality and affordable bike for shorter women and growing teenage girls. This girl's bicycle seems to be just perfect for leisure rides. Destiny by Schwinn sounds and looks good and is a choice to please more than just a few categories of cycling enthusiasts. The Schwinn 24" is the best...
ANCHEER Adults Electric Bicycle Electric Mountain Ebike with Removable Battery Review
ANCHEER electric bike is the best icon of e-bikes. For years, ANCHEER has been dedicated to innovation, modern technology, and top standard materials and offers cost-friendly e-bikes to relax riders of different needs of transportation and even desire to explore outdoors & sports life. Features ANCHEER Adults Electric Bicycle Electric Mountain...
Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Bike
With lots of color choices and sizing choices, the Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Bike is the best bike choice for any person looking to find a long-lasting and durable bike. This particular bike is very advised and appeals to multiple people because its flip-flop rear wheel...
Hyper eRide City Electric Bike Black HYP E700
The eBikes are getting famous, and more and more people are getting them as their mode of domestic commutes. This is a pretty neat beginner eBike that you can get at a fraction of which you have to pay for the high-end ones. Ride in style with the Hyper E-rider electric...
MACWHEEL 700C Electric Bike
The MACWHEEL 700C Electric Bike is an amazing display of craftsmanship. Its frame is a durable yet very lightweight aluminum alloy. A 250W motor allows you to travel speeds of 19 miles an hour, pedal-free. Features MACWHEEL 700C Electric Bike You can travel anywhere between 20 to 50 miles on one charge....
Retrospec Koda Kids Bike with Training Wheels Review
Two-wheel style, with four-wheel support. Your beginner rides want to cruise with the big children, but not without simple help. Koda is Retrospec newest age generation of chill kids bikes. Koda comes in2 famous sizes: 12 for new riders, 1.5 - 4 years old, and 16 for 3-8 years old...
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