Hyper Electric Bike Moto 36V
Hyper Electric Bike Moto 36V

Battery life is calculated in charge cycles.

This means it depends on several complete charges that they can undergo before their effectiveness gradually diminishes until they no longer feature at all.

Features Hyper Electric Bike Moto 

In theory, an electric bicycle battery can undergo many 100 charge cycles. How much, actually? That depends on the battery type concerned.

The way you take care of your battery will also affect its life. For instance, if you store your battery somewhere dry and save it from temperature change, you will keep it longer.

With regular use, an electric bike battery comes less perfect after three to five years.

What if the battery reaches its highest number of charge cycles?

The highest number of charge cycles specified by the producer actually corresponds to the number of recharging cycles that a battery can theoretically undergo without losing too much efficiency.

At the end of the specific number of cycles, its performance will be decreased, holding its charge for a little time.

It is up to you to judge, depending on your use, whether a replacement is necessary or whether you can get by.

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  • Forever use the charger as well as the adapter supplied with your battery. It will reject overcharging and saves the battery against damage due to little circuits.
  • Let your battery chill before charging it. Also, could you not use it directly after recharging?
  • Never fully drain the battery, but forever try charging it to a hundred percent.
  • If you would not use your bike for the best periods of time, ensure to charge the battery every few months partially.

Forever disconnect the charger from the battery and the network after charging.


  • Keep your battery in a chill and dry place.
  • Reject elevated temperature

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