Schwinn Sanctuary Men
Schwinn Sanctuary Men

7-speed cruiser bikes are costly due to the heavy-duty gear mechanism in constructing them.

But this pays off a lot in terms of the comfort factor.

The Schwinn Sanctuary 7 is the best bike for neighborhood cruising, bike path, or just going out for a fun ride. The Sanctuary specs a relaxed riding position, complete with a padded saddle for a softer ride. It is equipped with a Schwinn steel cruiser fork and frame.

Seven-speed rear derailleur with twist shifter gives fast, simple gear shifts, while the rear and front linear-pull brakes provide you precision stopping power.

Plus, the Sanctuary 7 contains a rear rack for perfect storage. Like all Schwinn bicycles, the Sanctuary 7 has a restricted lifetime warranty as long as you own the bike. Enjoy a relaxing ride wherever you go. Enjoy the freedom of Schwinn riding.

It has a fantastic look and will draw compliments from family and friends. Not only looks but buer areas also.

Like the mountain bikes, its wheel measures two at the same time6″ x 2.125″, which will ensure a perfect ride. While the book says the weight capacity is 220lbs, it can support approximately 300 pounds.

I genuinely like that it is a seven-speed bike as it will give you a wide range of biking options. As an outcome, you can try various terrains while going on a fun ride with your friends.

Last but not least, the brakes are also truly best and one of the top in this price range.

Schwinn Sanctuary 7 Comfort Cruiser Bike

Many people prefer going for 7-speed bikes when they want an effortless and smooth ride without breaking a sweat.

Typically 7-speed bikes are fairly expensive.

For example, if you choose to go for the seven-speed model of the Firmstrong Urban, you will need to pay around $100 extra.

Therefore, Schwinn Sanctuary practically challenges the status quo by offering a Shimano 7 speed gear bike at a very reasonable price tag.

The looks of this seven-speed best beach cruiser are nothing less than fascinating.

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If you buy this bike with realistic expectations, you are bound to be shocked by its performance.

Realistic expectations are vital because it is no racing bike and would not be super quick.

What it provides is a smooth ride with the lowest effort.

Because it is extremely simple to paddle, you would not feel tired even after a long ride.


The curved steel frame looks genuinely lovely. The bike is very well-built and capable of carrying 300-lbs individuals without bowing the frame.

The handlebar provides you a retro feel as it is similar to the cruisers from the 50s and 60s. There is no need for you to bend down to grip the handlebar so that you can do it from an upright position.

Do not hesitate. You will see a dent on the front fender if you look closely. It is not a defect. Instead, it is supposed to be there as the brakes go over it.

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Its specs are a seven-speed rear derailleur. On the other hand, your options are not restricted to fun rides around the neighborhood or biking at the beach. You can use this one as a means of transport to the office or take on little hills.

To make the derailleur switch simply accessible, it is located on the right side of the handlebar. You have to turn the grip lightly counter-clockwise/clockwise to switch gears.


They are built ruggedly and would not get punched.

It is genuinely perfect to have a chain guard to stop the cloth from getting trapped in the chain.


If you are looking for a plush seat that is exceptionally soft, they are disappointed.

This one spec a firm seat, but it is not uncomfortable.

The seat’s firmness should not be a deal-breaker as the seat will break in within a few weeks.


While commuting around the town or navigating traffic, you need solid brakes and work fast.

Luckily, the V-brakes that the bike comes with fulfill both criteria.

No rim brakes are as solid and efficient as the V-brakes. They are very best at looking at the tires.

Their response time is also speedy.


I have read a lot of bike reviews. And most of them have a general thing. All the components come unscathed. That is genuinely perfect, as returning defective parts for replacement can be bothersome.

To make sure that the components arrive intact at your doorstep, they strap all the loose parts of the critical body.

Now, as most parts come pre-assembled, you would not find it extremely hard to put the bike combined.

Two things that you need to bear in mind while setting the whole thing up:

Ensure you attach the chrome rod to the seat before making the height adjustments. Otherwise, it could cause issues.

The other thing that deserves your focus is adjusting the brakes placed on the handlebar. It will take a lot of power to loosen the screw-up. You will need a Matric Hex screwdriver to change them rightly.

Overall, assembling the bike with the best tools should not take you incredibly long.

If you encounter any issues, look up the manual guide that contains instructions for you.


  • Durable seat
  • Sleek design
  • Wide tires to make sure a perfect ride
  • V-brakes provide you with more control over the bike


  • The seat lacks softness
  • It would have been excellent if it had more weight capacity

Why Most People Prefer This Bike

This cruiser bike is most certainly designed to turn heads. It has a retro look, reminding of the old classical beach bikes.

Yet, at the same time, it has all the curves and aesthetic appeal of modern standards.

It all has a rear cargo rack for better logistics purposes, and you can even have a basket installed in the front.

The only rare reported issues have been customer service, and the product arrives without a complete kit.

Nevertheless, this bike has received almost flawless reviews.

So if you are looking for an affordable 7-speed bike, then this is the best cruiser bike to go for.

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Schwinn Sanctuary 7 Comfort Cruiser Bike ll Best Bike 2022

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Is it a coaster bike?

No, the bike does not spec a coaster brake. Instead, it comes with V-brakes, which are incredibly well-known among bike riders. These brakes are one of the easier brakes out there.

Does the bike spec a kickstand?

Yes, it comes with a kickstand which permits you to keep the bike upright without any support from another person or an object.

Can the bike handle heavy and tall guys?

You can adjust the seat height if needed. It can carry up to three hundred lbs as far as weight is concerned.

In short, unless you weigh more than three hundred pounds, you can ride this bike.

Could you tell me the number of spokes?

The rear wheel has as many as 36 spokes. These spokes are durable and likely to grip out for years.

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End words

Now that you know all about the Schwinn sanctuary 7-speed cruiser bicycles, you are ready to decide for yourself.

But let me tell you that it is a bike that deserves a chance in my perspective.

Despite being packed with irresistible specs, it comes at a highly affordable price. You will be hard-pressed to find an excellent package than this one at this price point.

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