state bicycle co customizable fixed gear single speed and urban bikes
state bicycle co customizable fixed gear single speed and urban bikes

If you’re in the market for a bike that matches your unique style and offers a smooth ride, look no further than State Bicycle Co. With their wide range of customizable fixed gear, single speed, and urban bikes, you have the power to create a two-wheeler that perfectly reflects your personality. Whether you’re a city dweller in need of a sleek commuter or an adventure seeker craving a durable off-road companion, State Bicycle Co. has got you covered. Get ready to pedal your way to a one-of-a-kind cycling experience.

About State Bicycle Co.

State Bicycle Co. is a renowned brand in the world of cycling, specializing in customizable fixed gear, single speed, and urban bikes. Since its establishment, State Bicycle Co. has been committed to providing high-quality bikes that cater to the needs of riders from all walks of life. With their exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, State Bicycle Co. has gained a loyal following and earned a reputation for excellence.


State Bicycle Co. was founded in 2009 by three passionate friends in Tempe, Arizona. What started as a small operation in a garage has now grown into a thriving company with a global reach. From the beginning, State Bicycle Co. aimed to challenge the status quo by offering custom-built bicycles at an affordable price point. This approach quickly attracted a devoted customer base and allowed the brand to expand its product offerings and services.


At the core of State Bicycle Co.’s mission is a commitment to empowering riders to express themselves through personalized bikes. They believe that every cyclist is unique, and their bike should reflect their individuality and style. State Bicycle Co. strives to provide the tools and resources for riders to create their dream bikes that not only perform exceptionally but also showcase their personality and taste.

Product Range

State Bicycle Co. offers a diverse range of bikes to suit every rider’s specific preferences and needs. Their three main categories are fixed gear bikes, single speed bikes, and urban bikes. Each category encompasses a variety of models, each with its own distinct features and advantages.

Fixed Gear Bikes


Fixed gear bikes, also known as “fixies,” are bicycles that have a drivetrain with only one gear and no freewheel mechanism. This means that whenever the bike is in motion, the pedals are constantly turning in sync with the motion of the wheels. Fixed gear bikes are often favored for their simplicity and direct connection between the rider and the road.


State Bicycle Co.’s fixed gear bikes feature a lightweight and durable frame made from high-quality materials such as steel, aluminum, or carbon fiber. They are designed to be responsive and nimble, allowing for quick acceleration and maneuverability. The bikes are equipped with front and rear brakes for added safety, and their components are carefully chosen to ensure optimal performance.


One of the primary advantages of riding a fixed gear bike is the sense of control it provides. The direct drive system allows riders to have an intimate connection with their bike, making it easier to navigate through traffic or tackle tight turns. Additionally, fixed gear bikes are generally low maintenance due to their simplified drivetrain, making them an excellent choice for commuters or those who prefer a fuss-free ride.


While fixed gear bikes offer many benefits, they may not be suitable for everyone. Riding a fixed gear bike requires a certain level of skill and experience, as there is no option to coast or stop pedaling. This can be challenging for beginners or riders who are used to freewheeling. Additionally, fixed gear bikes lack the versatility of multiple gears, which may limit their suitability for hilly terrains or long-distance rides.

Customization Options

State Bicycle Co. embraces customization, allowing riders to personalize every aspect of their fixed gear bikes. From the frame size and material to color and finish, riders have the freedom to create a bike that reflects their unique style. They can select components such as the handlebars, saddle, pedals, and even the wheelset to further tailor their bike to their preferences.

Single Speed Bikes


Single speed bikes are similar to fixed gear bikes in that they have a drivetrain with only one gear. However, unlike fixed gear bikes, single speed bikes have a freewheel mechanism, allowing riders to coast without pedaling. This provides the rider with the option to gain momentum and then glide effortlessly.


State Bicycle Co.’s single speed bikes share many of the same features as their fixed gear counterparts. They boast lightweight frames constructed from quality materials, ensuring durability and a smooth ride. The bikes are equipped with both front and rear brakes for reliable stopping power when needed. The components are carefully selected to optimize performance and efficiency.


The simplicity and low maintenance of single speed bikes make them an attractive option for those seeking a hassle-free ride. They offer the same direct connection between the rider and the road as fixed gear bikes, enhancing the sense of control and handling. With the added benefit of a freewheel mechanism, single speed bikes allow riders to enjoy coasting and effortless gliding.


Like fixed gear bikes, single speed bikes have limitations due to their single-gear drivetrain. Riders may find it challenging to tackle steep inclines or conquer long, arduous rides without the flexibility of multiple gears. Additionally, single speed bikes may not be ideal for riders who require precision in their gear ratios for specific terrains or riding styles.

Customization Options

State Bicycle Co. offers extensive customization options for their single speed bikes, allowing riders to tailor their bike to their exact preferences. From frame size and material to color and finish, riders can create a bike that is uniquely theirs. The choice of components, such as handlebars, saddle, pedals, and wheelset, further enhances the potential for customization.

Urban Bikes


Urban bikes, as the name suggests, are designed with the needs of urban commuters and city dwellers in mind. They are versatile and practical, offering a comfortable ride for navigating through busy streets and diverse terrain. Urban bikes combine functionality with style, making them a popular choice for those seeking a reliable and aesthetically pleasing mode of transportation.


State Bicycle Co.’s urban bikes are engineered to withstand the demands of city riding. They feature sturdy frames constructed from materials like steel or aluminum, providing strength and durability. The bikes are equipped with a range of gears to adapt to various terrains, making hill climbs and urban navigation effortless. Urban bikes often come with extras like fenders, racks, and lights for added convenience and safety.


Urban bikes offer numerous advantages for those who need a reliable and efficient means of transportation in the city. Their versatile gearing allows riders to conquer both flat stretches and steep inclines, making urban commuting a breeze. The addition of features like fenders and racks enhances their practicality, allowing riders to carry groceries, work essentials, or even a change of clothes without hassle.


While urban bikes excel in urban environments, they may not be the best choice for riders seeking high-performance or off-road adventures. Urban bikes are designed with comfort and practicality in mind, so they may not offer the same speed or agility as specialized road or mountain bikes. Riders who primarily ride on smooth pavement or require extreme performance may want to explore other options.

Customization Options

State Bicycle Co. understands that riders have different preferences and needs, even within the urban bike category. As such, they provide customization options for their urban bikes to accommodate these varying demands. Riders can choose the frame size and material that suits them best, as well as select color and finish options to reflect their personal style. The availability of different components further allows riders to fine-tune their urban bike to their liking.

State Bicycle Co. Collections

State Bicycle Co. offers several distinct collections, each with its own unique characteristics and design aesthetics. These collections cater to different riding styles and preferences, ensuring that every cyclist can find a bike that suits their needs perfectly.

Core Line Collection

The Core Line Collection by State Bicycle Co. features a range of fixed gear and single speed bikes that combine simplicity, affordability, and quality. These bikes are ideal for riders looking for a reliable and stylish mode of transportation without breaking the bank. The Core Line Collection offers a variety of color options and customization choices to suit individual tastes.

4130 Steel Collection

The 4130 Steel Collection distinguishes itself with its frames constructed from 4130 chromoly steel. This material is renowned for its strength, durability, and comfortable ride characteristics. The 4130 Steel Collection offers both fixed gear and single speed options, allowing riders to experience the performance benefits of steel frames while customizing their bikes to their preferences.

Black Label Collection

For those seeking uncompromising performance and high-end components, the Black Label Collection is the pinnacle of State Bicycle Co.’s offerings. These bikes are meticulously crafted with premium materials and cutting-edge technology, ensuring optimal performance and responsiveness on the road. The Black Label Collection showcases State Bicycle Co.’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and design.

Undefeated Series

Designed specifically for track racers and criterium enthusiasts, the Undefeated Series offers top-of-the-line fixed gear bikes engineered for speed and agility. These bikes feature aerodynamic frames and components that maximize performance on the track. With the Undefeated Series, State Bicycle Co. demonstrates their dedication to meeting the demands of competitive riders and providing them with the tools to excel.

Customization Options

State Bicycle Co.’s commitment to customization goes beyond just the core features of their bikes. Riders have the opportunity to personalize every aspect of their ride to truly make their bike their own.

Frame Size and Material

To ensure the perfect fit and ride characteristics, State Bicycle Co. offers a range of frame sizes for their bikes. Riders can choose the size that best suits their body type and riding style. Additionally, frame materials vary across their collections, with options such as steel, aluminum, and carbon fiber. Each material has its own unique characteristics, providing riders with the opportunity to customize their bike’s feel and performance.

Color and Finish

State Bicycle Co. recognizes the importance of aesthetics in cycling. Riders can select from a variety of color options and finishes to suit their personal style. Whether they prefer bold and vibrant hues or more understated and classic tones, State Bicycle Co. offers customization choices that allow riders to ride in style.


State Bicycle Co. understands that individual riders have specific component preferences that can greatly impact the feel and performance of their bike. From handlebars and saddles to pedals and brakes, riders can choose the components that suit their riding style and comfort preferences.


The wheelset plays a crucial role in a bike’s performance and ride quality. State Bicycle Co. offers customization options for their wheelsets, allowing riders to select the type, size, and material that best suits their needs. Whether it’s lightweight carbon rims for speed or strong and durable alloy rims for urban riding, riders can find the perfect wheelset for their bike.


The handlebars of a bike can greatly impact the rider’s comfort and control. State Bicycle Co. offers various handlebar styles, such as dropdown bars, bullhorns, or riser bars, allowing riders to choose the option that best suits their riding preference. Riders can also customize the handlebar tape or grips to further enhance their comfort and grip.


The saddle is one of the most personal components of a bike, and State Bicycle Co. acknowledges that riders have unique preferences when it comes to comfort. They offer a range of saddle options, allowing riders to find the perfect seat that suits their anatomy and riding style. Riders can choose from different shapes, padding levels, and materials to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable ride.


Pedals play a crucial role in power transfer and control. State Bicycle Co. offers customization options for their pedals, allowing riders to choose the type that best suits their needs. Whether it’s clipless pedals for efficiency and improved pedaling technique or platform pedals for casual riding and convenience, riders can select the pedals that enhance their riding experience.


State Bicycle Co. understands the importance of reliable braking, especially in urban environments. Riders can choose from different brake options, such as caliper brakes or disc brakes, to tailor their bike’s stopping power to their preferences and riding conditions. Safety and control are paramount, and State Bicycle Co. offers customization choices to ensure riders can rely on their brakes when needed.

Benefits of Customization

The ability to customize every aspect of a State Bicycle Co. bike offers riders numerous benefits, enhancing both their riding experience and their connection with their bike.


Customization allows riders to create a bike that reflects their personality and style. With a wide range of options to choose from, riders can design a bike that is uniquely theirs, enabling them to stand out and make a statement on the road. Whether it’s a vibrant color scheme, specialized components, or unique finishing touches, customization lends a personal touch to every ride.

Optimized Performance

By tailoring their bike’s components to their specific needs and riding style, riders can optimize their bike’s performance. The ability to select the ideal frame size, materials, and components allows riders to fine-tune the bike’s characteristics to suit their body type, preference, and intended use. This level of customization ensures that riders can maximize their efficiency, comfort, and enjoyment on every ride.

Quality Components

State Bicycle Co. prioritizes quality in their bikes, and this extends to the components used in customization. Riders can choose from a selection of reputable and high-quality brands for their preferred components, ensuring that their bike is equipped with top-of-the-line parts. This not only enhances performance but also provides peace of mind knowing that the bike is built to last.

Comfort and Ergonomics

Customization offers riders the opportunity to select components that enhance their comfort and ergonomics on the bike. The ability to tailor the handlebars, saddle, and other contact points ensures that riders can find their optimal riding position and reduce the risk of discomfort, numbness, or other issues during long rides. With a bike customized to fit their body and riding style, riders can enjoy a more enjoyable and pain-free cycling experience.

Unique Aesthetics

State Bicycle Co.’s customization options allow riders to create a bike that stands out from the crowd. The ability to select colors, finishes, and components enables riders to design a bike that is visually striking and uniquely theirs. Whether it’s a sleek and minimalistic design or a bold and eye-catching color combination, customization ensures that riders can ride in style and make a statement with their bike.

State Bicycle Co. Community

State Bicycle Co. takes pride in fostering a vibrant and supportive community of cyclists, connecting riders from around the world who share a passion for cycling. The State Bicycle Co. community offers numerous opportunities for riders to connect, engage, and participate in various events and activities.

Monthly Group Rides

State Bicycle Co. organizes monthly group rides in different cities, providing riders with the chance to meet fellow enthusiasts and explore new routes together. These group rides are open to riders of all skill levels and serve as a platform to foster camaraderie and share the joy of cycling.

Events and Competitions

State Bicycle Co. sponsors and participates in numerous cycling events and competitions, ranging from local races to international tournaments. Through these events, riders can test their skills, challenge themselves, and celebrate the thrill of competitive cycling. State Bicycle Co. supports these events to promote the sport and provide opportunities for riders to showcase their talents.

Brand Ambassadors

State Bicycle Co. collaborates with a network of brand ambassadors who are passionate about the brand and embody its values. These ambassadors serve as representatives of State Bicycle Co., sharing their experiences and love for cycling with the community. Their diverse backgrounds and riding styles contribute to the inclusivity and vibrancy of the State Bicycle Co. community.

Online Community

State Bicycle Co. maintains an active online community through their website and social media platforms. These platforms provide a space for riders to connect, share their stories, seek advice, and engage with the brand. State Bicycle Co. encourages riders to share their experiences, photos, and feedback, fostering a sense of belonging and creating a supportive network of like-minded individuals.

Purchasing and Warranty

State Bicycle Co. aims to make the purchasing process as seamless as possible, ensuring that riders can easily acquire their dream bike. They also provide robust warranty coverage to ensure peace of mind and customer satisfaction.

Website and Retail Stores

State Bicycle Co. offers a user-friendly website where riders can explore their extensive range of bikes and customization options. The website provides detailed information and specifications for each model, making it easy for riders to make informed decisions. Additionally, State Bicycle Co. has retail stores in select locations, allowing riders to have a hands-on experience and test ride their bikes before making a purchase.

Shipping and Delivery

State Bicycle Co. offers worldwide shipping, ensuring that riders from all corners of the globe can access their bikes. The shipping process is efficient and reliable, with bikes carefully packaged to prevent damage during transit. The estimated delivery time may vary depending on the destination, but State Bicycle Co. strives to deliver bikes in a timely manner.

Return Policy

State Bicycle Co. understands that sometimes purchasing decisions may change or unexpected issues may arise. They have a comprehensive return policy in place to accommodate riders who may need to return or exchange their bikes. Riders can refer to the company’s website or contact their customer service for detailed information on the return process and any associated fees or conditions.

Warranty Coverage

State Bicycle Co. stands behind the quality and craftsmanship of their bikes, offering warranty coverage to protect customers against manufacturing defects and other issues. The specifics of the warranty may vary depending on the model and components, but State Bicycle Co. ensures that customers can rely on the durability and reliability of their bikes. Riders can consult the warranty information on the company’s website or reach out to their customer service for further details.


State Bicycle Co. has established itself as a leading brand in the cycling industry, offering customizable fixed gear, single speed, and urban bikes to riders worldwide. With their commitment to personalization, quality, and innovation, State Bicycle Co. provides cyclists with the tools to create their dream bikes that reflect their individuality and style. Whether it’s cruising the city streets, tackling challenging terrains, or competing in intense races, State Bicycle Co. equips riders with reliable, high-performance bikes that deliver on both function and aesthetics. With their extensive range of customization options, vibrant community, and dedication to customer satisfaction, State Bicycle Co. continues to inspire cyclists to pedal into a world of endless possibilities.

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