ebike motor controllers
ebike motor controllers

An electric bike controller is an essential component that links all the electrical parts on the bike in a single place.

These contain the battery, motor, pedal assist, throttle, display, and various sensors. Essentially, the controller is a little computer that works as the heart of the e-bike; through it, you can manage the entire functioning of the bike.

As a rule, controls come in a sealed protective box because they are naked to the elements. Anyway, some designs can be mounted within the bike’s frame and hidden away from sight.

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How do e-bike controllers work?

The controller gets power from the bike’s battery and channels it to the motor depending on the user inputs and sensor.

By twisting the throttle, you can manage the power sent to the controller, which controls the bike’s speed.

The controller monitors the acceleration, speed, motor power, pedaling activity, and battery voltage, among other bike features. It also controls the pedal assistance you obtain when riding your bike.

E-Bike Controller Reviews 2023

Bolange ebike Motor Controllers

Not every person loves to buy e-bike motor controllers for daily usage, but the Boulange e-bike motor controllers would be perfect.

The Balance ebike motor controller can fast test whether the brushless controller, brushless motor, or brushless motor coil. Power supply built-in battery, the e-bike motor controller, can fast test speed.

Furthermore, the Boulange e-bike motor controllers can fast test whether the brushless motor phase sequence is ABC and ABC colors.

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Niubo Power ebike Motor Controllers.

This controller is the epitome of what a remarkable ebike motor controller should be.

The Niubo power e-bike motor controller is perfect for electric bicycle scooters, electric or mechanical forklifts, etc. The e-bike motor is top for us to bear half the freight. The motor controller is also used for a 500W hub motor 500w ebike kit.

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NB POWER 36V/48V 250W 15A Brushless

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How do I pick an e-bike controller?

When picking a controller for your electric bike, it is essential to find one compatible with other bike parts such as the battery, display, motor, etc. The following factors ought to be considered:

Controller driving type-is it a square wave or shine wave controller?

Both of these come with their pros and cons. For example, wave controllers are favored because of their lower noise production and greater efficiency when going uphill or carrying a heavy load. The controllers also give you perfect and more predictable control over general operations.

On the downside, wave controllers will cost you very high and just function with matched motors. They also use much more power.

When it comes to square wave controllers, people favor them as they are more affordable and can work with different motors. These give higher efficiency during sudden acceleration or braking, as well as higher utilization of power voltage. The sole of their low points contains high noise production and punched and non-smooth control. They are less motor efficient when scaling hills.

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Is it a non-hall sensor, hall sensor drive, or dual-mode controller?

Usually, if the motor features a Hall sensor, the controller is supposed to be the dual mode or hall sensor. A hall sensor is a motor that senses the motor rotation, and the controller outputs the corresponding voltage depending on the sensor signals.

It is extra stable, has lower power use, and has more considerable beginning torque. If the motor hall gets destroyed, the controller may prompt seizure and error while a dual-mode controller continues to work well.

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How can you best use power ratings?

Power ratings in watts can be a helpful, if not suitable, guide to motor performance. Ensure to check product features carefully, as some electric motors list input walls while others list rated current and voltage.

In common, a continuous output in walls will be anywhere from 70-80 percent of the input watts. A five-hundred-watt continuous rating is the best mid-level motor for an e-bike.

Can a 36V controller handle 48 volts?

Most 36V controllers may have protective circuits and be capable of restricting the voltage, meaning that most of the time would not be an issue; anyway, you should never use a controller rated for fewer volts than your battery pack voltage and motor operating voltage, as this makes the chance of overheating and overcurrent which can cause controller damage. Also, your motor may not reach its rated output.

How quickly does a 500W e-bike go?

Depending on bike design and rider weight, a 500-watt e-bike can generally cruise up to about 20 mph. Using a mixture of pedaling and motor, some riders may be capable of going significantly quicker.

Controller voltage – 36 V or 24 V or 48 V or 60 V

The voltage of the controller should match that of the motor and battery.

Controller current (rated and max currents)

The controller current is supposed to be a little more than the battery output current. Generally, the highest wind is 25A for a 9-MOSFET controller, 18 A for a six-MOSEFT controller, 40A for a fifteen-MOSFET controller, etc.

How much do e-bike controllers cost?

Like other electronic gadgets, e-bike controllers range from cheap to very costly. Generally, you can find an affordable controller for $20 to $70. Meanwhile, the more costly ones will cost around $200 – $500.

Generally, the cheap controller designs do not have settings, and their connections are restricted.

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2 used from $45.37
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2 new from $42.08
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