Best Electric Bike For Sale By Tower
Best Electric Bike For Sale By Tower

The Electric Bike is becoming increasingly popular among users essentially due to many different features and performance.

Choosing the right electric bike is not too easy, so as not to be mistaken in this matter, you need to know its main features and understand the principle of the product.

So, today in this article, I will give the best Electric Bike for sale by Tower. See these best Electric Bikes for sale by Tower below…

Best Electric Bike for Sale by Tower eBikes


Women’s Electric Bike – Beach Babe:

Our rating opens with a model with a reasonably modern look and is equipped with an electric drive. Such a bike can be used for long walks, both in urban conditions and over rough terrain.

The design absorbs vibrations well, making the bike insensitive to bumps and pits. A comfortable and reliable automatic transmission provides shifting. The frame is made of ultra-light aluminum alloy, which reduces weight and, at the same time, maintains the strength of the bike.

One of the most potent bikes equipped with an electric motor, the design is quite solid and stable, made based on an aluminum alloy, characterized by a slightly oversized frame, which distinguishes most sports models.

It is manufactured using modern technologies that do not allow overheating of the battery and various other damages. The key difference with this bike is that the battery is built into the frame rather than hanging outside.

The handlebars and seat are adjustable in height, so you can quickly adjust the bike to your size and other dimensions. There is a two-suspension system, which makes the ride smooth and comfortable.

The wheel diameter is 36 inches. The tread is wide. It adheres tightly to any surface, successfully overcoming any obstacles. The brake system here is disc type. It provides a minimum braking distance in any weather.

Mechanical disc brakes allow you to stop almost instantly. The motor power is 350 W, which will enable you to drive about 50 km on a single battery charge without using the pedals.

If pedals also assist the motor, the power reserve can increase almost three times. The battery allows you to use this model in a temperature range from -10 to +50 degrees.

Beach Babe Electric Bike
Beach Babe Electric Bike

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  • Pretty economical design, spending a minimum of electricity for recharging;
  • You can use various combinations of modes of movement;
  • Lightweight aluminum alloy frame;
  • Small overall dimensions;
  • The high degree of design mobility.


  • The low capacity of the battery and its recharge time, besides, it does not last too long – only about 3-4 years;

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Electric Cruiser Bike – Beach Bum 2:

It is distinguished by the original shape of the frame, which is made based on a reliable aluminum alloy. In terms of mass, it is much lighter than steel or stainless steel, but in terms of strength, it is in no way inferior to them.

The design is based on a system of smoothed geometry, where there are practically no edges and sharp corners.

These products are vastly ahead of traditional bicycles in terms of their driving characteristics. Manage the product’s capabilities through the application. You will be able to choose the most suitable driving mode, thereby increasing the battery capacity and providing a range of up to 110 km.

Due to this program, you can keep the floor in complete control of all the main parameters of the trip – the remaining battery charge, speed, rider work effort, and so on.

The bicycle hybrid design has received an even more stylish, elegant, and bright appearance. Products are produced in several color options, which relate to the coloring not only of the frame itself but also of all additional elements.

This bike has a 350-watt electric motor powered by a 36-volt quick-release lithium-ion battery. Its capacity is 7.8 Ah. The product’s total weight, together with the battery, is a little over 20 kg, which is quite a good indicator for its class. The battery is very efficient and reliable. With it, you can drive about 40 km on a single charge.

The operation of automation is such that when the battery is discharged, especially at night, the engine will turn off on its own to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the headlights.

The steering wheel has an anti-reflective liquid crystal panel. It has all the information necessary for the user. The motor runs quietly, a belt drive is used instead of a chain, and the engine and belt are hidden under plastic upholstery.

This bike can reach speeds up to 30 km / h without human intervention. That is, you don’t even have to pedal. The wheels are 27.5 inches in diameter and feature double rims and reinforced spokes.

The tires are all-terrain. The tread is small and frequent, which allows you to pass well, even very dirty or blurry sections of the road. There is a suspension fork in the front disc brake system. You can find the control panel on the steering wheel, which is additionally equipped with LED indications.

Electric Cruiser Bike Beach Bum 2
Electric Cruiser Bike Beach Bum 2

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  • Excellent handling;
  • Good engine power;
  • It doesn’t weigh that much for a battery bike.


  • Sufficiently hard seat;
  • The rear depreciation is relatively weak – if the legs practically do not feel bumps and pits, then the buttock takes on all the road surface defects.

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