Beach Cruiser Bike West Cliff Drive Santa Cruz
Beach Cruiser Bike West Cliff Drive Santa Cruz

With stunning landscapes and wonderful climates, West Cliff Drive Santa Cruz is a biking nirvana.

The country is laced with paths that lead along bay waters, via idyllic farmland, and into stunning redwood groves.

Bike Riding in Santa Cruz County

Plus, tons of shops rend 2 wheels and gear for any adventure type and skill level.

Here is where to get rolling in West Cliff Drive Santa Cruz, from casual riders to mountain riding.

Easy Coastal Off-Road

Sweeping beach vistas and a level, solid pack drift way make the multi-use Old Cove Landing path in Wilder Ranch State Park an invitation for off-path biking.

The breezy 2.3 miles loop bike rides dramatic coastal bluff tops that dazzle with views of secluded sea caves and scores of beach life, including seals, dolphins, and whales.

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Seaside Family Ride

If you do 1 ride in West Cliff Drive Santa Cruz, make it the waterfront walkway of West Cliff Ride.

The broad, roughly 3 mile way skirts Monterey Bay as it winds past great outlooks and sea caves.

The way ends at Natural bridges to discover tide pools, seasonal Monarch Groves, and the arch outcrop.

If time allows, go through the park to the bike-friendly area Delaware Avenue which rapidly leads to Atonally Pond and some amazing Natural Bridge farms.

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Back Roads Loop

Explore some amazing coastal farmlands and bucolic county side on this wonderful trip of north side backboards.

In the former whaling town of Davenport, fuel up at Whale City Bakery right before heading north side on Swanton road, a strong windy country lane the parallels and predates highway one.

You will return through a coastal stretch of highway one, making sure to stop at the immensely stunning Swanton Farm of Berry for what’s likely the best strawberry shortcake you will ever have.

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GoPro Santa Cruz Biking West Cliff Drive

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