BRIGHT GG e-bike
BRIGHT GG e-bike

The 250W hub, motor, and the ten AMP hour lithium-ion battery of the BRIGHT GG e-bike can go up to forty miles as long as you know how to use the pedal help, normal modes, and electronic bike.

Once the battery runs out, it’ll only take 3 to 4hrs.

BRIGHT GG NAKTO 22 inch City Electric Bike

For your safety purpose, the front wheel of the e-bike relies on a V-brake, while the rear one uses an expansion brake.

And if you love to ride at night, this BRIGHT GG e-bike has an LED headlamp and a horn.

Rest assured, the bike’s headlamp is bright enough to be seen by passing every motorist, and the horn is loud enough.

As for the frame, it is compared to the best-grade aluminum. It works well with the carbon steel form since aluminum is decently lightweight.

Other aluminum parts include dual-walled wheels and v-brakes.

The carbon steel frame is a little heavier, but it effectively reduces vibrations.

The whole structure of the BRIGHT GG e-bike can support a weight of up to 300lbs.

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  • Fine visibility in the dark and low light environment
  • Stunning loon and solid build
  • The responsive braking system for acceptable security
  • Able to load high weighty capacity
  • Reach an extreme mileage
  • Effective recharging compared to other electronic bikes

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  • The Pedal-assist feature can go very fast

This BRIGHT GG e-bike has its flaws, but they do not overshadow the several advantages it provides.

It’s the best way to enjoy a smooth ride at a reasonable speed with the assurance of top-quality brakes to keep you in complete control of your ride.

Its solid build and very durable tires only add to its advantages.

If you’re willing to overlook some mishaps and spend no more than a thousand bucks for this e-bike.

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